• About S.C. Naganandaswamy


    Mr. S.C. Naganandaswamy hails from a small village Sugganapalya, GubbiTaluk, Tumkur District, Karnataka. He is a farmer and a social worker by profession.

    Mr. S.C. Naganandaswamy is a well-known figure in Aquatics across the country and even beyond. What is special about him ? Does he really deserve to be honoured ? Mr. S.C. Naganandaswamy has achieved unprecedented heights in the field of aquatics. The most important achievement being, he floated constantly for 22 hours 10 minutes, without moving and maintaining a consistent perpendicular position at the diving pool of Talkatora Swimming pool Complex, in New Delhi between 11 A.M. on 22nd September, 2000 and Concluded at 9.10 A.M. on September 23rd 2000. Perhaps, no Indian could achieve this aquatic feat till date and Mr. Swamy deserves all support and encouragement. Besides, he has been rendering valuable service and contributing a lot in order to popularize this sport across the country and even beyond. Many Institutions, organizations recognized his talent and honoured him with cash prizes, citations and medals.

    To make a mention of a few of them, Limca Book of World Records, India Book of Records, Ripley's Believe It or Not! (UK) have included Mr. Swamy's name for his outstanding achievements in aquatics. His Excellency, the Then Governor of Karnataka T.N. Chaturvedi has honoured him for his outstanding achievements with a cash award of Rs. 10,000/-. He earned 8 State awards for his aquatic feat and a few other awards by other organizations. Obviously, Mr. Swamy deserves all supports and encouragements and even recognition in order to carry on this aquatic adventure and also to popularize this sport across the country.